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  When she was tired with hunting artemis used to take abath in a little mountain spring.one hot summer afternoon she was playing in the cool,quiet water with hermaidens when she heard a rustle behind the bushes .she feltquite angry to find that a young hunter was peeping admiringlyat her naked body .her maidens gave a sharp cry and crowded around the goddess. but young actaeon had seen the huntress.


  Actaeon loved the hunting.he had been searching the woods every day.on this particular afternoon he felt so tired with running about that he,by accident,came over to the springin search of water.he was thus surprised to find artemisba thing.the angry goddess was not to be calmed.she splashed water in the hunter''s face.as soon as the water drops fell on actaeon,he was changed into a stag .just at that moment he heard the barking of his team of fifty hunting dogs.they were coming up to him.he was suddenly seized with fear ,and presently ran away.the dogs,all driven mad by the goddess,ran after him closely.running as fast as his legs could carry him,actaeon was soon out of breath .feeling certain that he 1was to die,he dropped to the ground and made no further attempt to get up.the dogs came nearer to their former masterand tore him to pleces.



  Teacher Debbie Moon’s first graders were discussing a picture of a family.


  One little boy in the picture had a different color hair from duanwenw.com the other family members. One child suggested that maybe he was adopted.


  A little girl named Jocelyn Jay said, “I know all about adoptions, because I was adopted.”


  “What does it mean to be adopted? ” asked another child.


  Jocelyn replied,“It means that you grew duanwenw.com in your mommy’s heart instead of her tummy.”


  小学四年级英语故事:洪水The flood

  Men grew hungry,impolite and ungodly. Neither right or law was respected any longer,and the rule of hospitality was forgotten. Dressed up in human form,Zeus visited Arcadia and Thessaly,and disliked the deadly wrongs of men .He decided to clear the earth of them all. Without hesitation he released the rainy south wind and called upon the heartless Poseidon to help. Soon the whole world sank in a vast ocean, and the entire human race disappeared in the unheard duanwenw.com of flood,all but two poor The Salinas .


  These were an old childless couple,kind and faithful and contented with life. The man was called Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha. Son of Prometheus,Deucalion had been warned beforehand by his father of the coming flood and made himself a huge chest. When the roaring flood came the couple hid themselves init and floated for nine days until it touched land again on Mt Parnassus.


  The once active world presented a frightening sight. It was all death and ruin. Feeling lonely and unsafe,the old couple prayed to the gods for help. A sage instructed them to cast the bones of their mother about .The son of the wise Titan, having guessed the true meaning of the mysterious duanwenw.com command, started throwing stones behind him. A miracle occurred. The stones that the man cast became men; the stones that the woman threw turned into women. Since then,people appeared on the land again. The Heroic Age had begun.