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  请以“…Make(s) Me So Happy”为题写一篇英语短文。

  Social Work Makes Me So Happy

  Why so many young people are not happy in modern society?But even so ,you can find many merry things if you like to.

  I join aa much as social work as I can.It is a good method to widen my vision and enlarge my social circle and close the realationship between the old and the young.It also improve the capability of social touch.Most of all,I can feel great pleasure.

  Helping other people is a kind of virtue.It can purify my soul and built up my spirit,and also I can get much understanding when I pay my kindness to others.


  微笑,是人们用以表达内心喜悦的一种方式,它可给人以欢欣,给人以安慰,是自我感情的抒发,是对他人表示关爱,是爱心的奉献。微笑可以给人激励,给人奋进,它能使绝望者重新燃起期望之火,是失意者重新引起自信的风帆。请以Learn to smile为题,用英语写一篇短文。



  Learn to smile(Don’t forget to smile)

  Smiling is an attitude toward life.In our life,there may be some unpleasant things.For example,you fail in an exam;or another time,you are misunderstood by your friends.These unpleasant things may make you feel sad.Then what will you do?Why not learn to smile?Smiling to yourself can bring back your confidence.Sometimes,the greatest enemy is yourself;that’s to say,sometimes,you are beaten by yourself.We should also learn to smile to others.It will help us get closer to others.Smiling is the most widely understood language.


  为了使同学们交往时举止更加文雅,你校学生会正在举办以How to behave well为题的英文征文比赛,请你写一篇短文参赛。




  How to behave well

  Behaving well is the key to getting on well with others.

  As a student,I think it’s very important to do everything on time and keep promise.Never lie to others or say dirty words.We should be polite to others and ready to help the people in need.We’d better not talk loudly in public.Don’t throw litter or spit about.And rememeber to obey the traffic rules. Finally,learn to work with others.Teamwork will be very important in the future.


  越来越多的汽车进入我们的家庭生活,改善了我们的生活,但是同时也带来了很多问题,如塞车和车祸,给家庭和社会带来极大的危害。作为中学生,我们应该怎么样做呢? With more and more cars coming into our families,we are happy that it has greatly improved our life.But unluckily,it has brought many problems,such as heavy traffic and traffic accidents.

  So in order to keep safety,we must obey the traffic rules.We mustn’t cross the street when the traffic lights are red and we should walk on the sidewalk and go across the zebra-crossing when crossing the street.What’s more,it’s dangerous to play or play football on the street.So we are not allowed to do that.The most important of all,driving after drinking is most dangerous.We should warn our

  parents not to drive a car if they have drunk.If we can pay attention to our safety all the time,we can have a happier life.


  你喜欢过生日吗?你的生日过得开心吗?每个人都曾有过难以忘怀的生日。请以My Birthday为题写一篇短文,介绍你最开心、最难忘的一次生日,让大家共同分享你生日的快乐。




  My Birthday

  I have a wonderful time on my birthday every year.But I will never forget my tenth birthday.On that evening,my friends came to my house.We had a big meal.Later,my mother put a big cake with ten candles,some fruit and drinks on the table.I made a silent wish.My friends said“Happy Birthday”to me.They gave me some nice presents,such as a basketball,flowers and my favorite books.We sang,danced and played games.I thanked them very much for their presents.I also thanked those who helped me and took good care of me,especially my parents.I felt I was the happiest boy in the world.


  家是一个能让人感到温暖的港湾。在你的成长过程中,家给予你很多,那么你是否曾用适当的方式对你的家人表达过关爱和回报呢?请以I love My Family为题,写一篇英语短文,通过记叙一件你为家庭做过的事情来体现你对家人的爱。




  I Love My Family

  I have a happy family.Although my parents are very busy,they try their best to take good care of me.I think I should do something for them.

  Yesterday was Sunday.I got up earily than usual.After washing,I swept the floor,watered the plants and then I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.At around 9 o’clock,breakfast was ready.Mum and dad got up.When they saw it,they were very happy,”Dear,thank you for your delicious breakfast.”

  Hearing that,I was so happy and felt as if I had grown up.Mum and dad have done a lot for me.I should do whatever I can for my family though I am very busy learning.The more I do for it,the happier my family will be.



  Love For My Parents

  Yesterday,I got up earlier than usual.After washing,I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast.After that,I put a nice card beside it.Then,I went to school before mom got up.It was mom’s birthday and I wanted to give her a special gift---a nice breakfast.I myself made the card,which said,“Happy birthday,mom!I love you very much!”When I came back from school later that day,mom was waiting for me.With a smile,she said,“Dear,thank you for your wonderful gift.I like it so much!”.


  母爱是每个人的至爱,母亲为我们付出了许多。对我们每个人来说,母爱恩重如山,情深似海。请以“I Love My Mother”为题,写一篇70词左右的短文,表达对母亲的感恩之情。 I Love My Mother(2011玉溪四中模拟)

  There are many people around me,but I love my mother best.My mother is working hard.During my life,she makes me understand a lot.She teachers me to be a good man to the society.She also tells me the important of the knowledge.So I study very hard.When I am in trouble,she is always the first person to help me.She tells me not to give up whatever it happens.

  So I must study hard to go to a good college and be an useful person to the society.If I have a good job,it will make my mother very happy.

  We should help parents do housework

  Now many students are too lazy to do housework.But I think we should help parents are too lazy to do housework.But I think we should help parents do some housework because they are busy with their work and tired after work.I often help my parents do many chores.In the morning,I will make the bed and water flowers.They are relaxing and interesting.In the evening,I often clean the room and take out the trash.When I see the tidy room,I feel proud of myself.My parents are pleased with me.I think it’s our duty to help our parents with some chores.


  请根据你的实际情况,结合所给问题提示,以My Homework为题写一篇不少于60词的英语短文。

  My Homework

  I spend about one and a half hours doing homework every day.

  After dinner,I have a rest.Sometimes I go out for a walk and listen to music.Then I begin to do my homework,I finish it at around 9:00pm.After that,I play chess with my father or do some reading.I go to bed before 9:30pm.Because enough sleep makes me energetic.

  All of my homework is helpful.For example,do some listening practice,read notebooks and preview the new lessons.Because of the helpful homework,I am more interested in learning and I can get good grades.

  And I have time to relax and do things by myself.

  My Homework

  I have to spend three or four hours doing my homework every day.

  After dinner,I begin to do my homework at once.I keep doing it till 10pm or 11pm.It makes me exhausted,so I often feel sleepy and tired in class.

  Some of the homework is helpful,but some of it isn’t at all.For example,I must write the English words twenty times,and I must copy the test papers.Because of the boring homework,I nearly lose interest in learning.And I have little time to relax and do things by myself.






  How to Relax Yourself

  As junior high school students,we go to school on weekdays.On weekends,sometimes,we must continue going to school.If not,we ususlly have a lot of homework to do.

  To face with this situation,we should learn to relax ourselves.

  In my opinion,firstly,you can stay in bed for a while,sleeping makes people feel good.Secondly,you can take part in some parties or talk with friends.It will make you comfortable.Thirdly,why not go out for the fresh air and beautiful scenery?

  What’s your opinion about relaxing?