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  我的校园生活My Campus Life

  Apart from the classes, there are many activities and organizations in the collage. I am active in my campus life.


  I have attended in several organizations, there is the painting and calligraphy associations, English club, climbing club, swimming group and so on. These organizations enrich my campus life. I made many new friends with the same hobbies, we help each other to improve.


  In the first year of my collage, I joined in a volunteer club. The mission of club is to help those people in need. The first activity I participated was to hold the charity sale to collect the money and donation, then bring them to a primary school into deep mountains. The sales was successful as most of the students supported this charity and donated the money and study materials with kindness. On the weekend we brought all the donations to the primary school, we saw the smile on children’ face, and also saw their poor study condition. I felt myself a heavy responsibility to make the change of it. Since then, I would volunteer to be an English teacher in that school every summer vacation, I also encouraged my friends to do something for those children.


  I think the experience of volunteering makes me realize that the philanthropy is important. I am willing to put myself into the charity career in the future.



  真正的高贵True Nobility

  In a calm sea every man is a pilot.


  But all sunshine without shade, all pleasure without pain, is not life at all.Take the lot of the happiest - it is a tangled yarn.Bereavements and blessings,one following another, make us sad and blessed by turns. Even death itself makes life more loving. Men come closest to their true selves in the sober moments of life, under the shadows of sorrow and loss.


  In the affairs of life or of business, it is not intellect that tells so much as character, not brains so much as heart, not genius so much as self-control, patience, and discipline, regulated by judgment.


  I have always believed that the man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without. In an age of extravagance and waste, I wish I could show to the world how few the real wants of humanity are.


  To regret one's errors to the point of not repeating them is true repentance. There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.



  绝妙方法激发你对生活的热爱Great Ways to Generate Love for Your Life

  1. Be optimistic. Think of life in the best light, and find the better side of any situation. You would be amazed at how much more there is in life than the usual negative side.


  2. Live every present moment to the fullest. Don't waste a single second being sad, or bored, or even lonely. Get out and dance, and sing as if your life depends on it. You never know how long it is going to last.


  3. Be of service to others and forget about yourself. Always give more than you receive, and share with others. Do less for yourself, and more for the others around you. Also when you do the right thing you feel fantastic.


  4. Be kind to everyone. Kindness is the true key to unlocking your own happiness and joy. When others notice your kindness, they will pleasingly return it. Make as many friends as you can, and help them when they are down, as you never know when you will need them when times are hard.


  5. Be quiet and meditate on life. Sometimes just sit or stand somewhere peacefully and think about what you have achieved, what you are about to achieve, or what you want to achieve, and sometimes your mind will hit you. You will feel more respect for life.


  6. Try to laugh often. This is probably the most important point in this piece of writing. Laughter is the most important thing in life. Laugh frequently and smile often.


  7. Live in the present. Forget about the past, because there is nothing you can do about it. Don't worry about the future, as you build it with each present moment, and if you forget to live in the moment, you would be surprised at how quickly you'd missed the good times. 7.活在当下。忘记过去吧,因为过去的事情你已经无法改变。不要担心未来,因为你正在用现在的每一刻创造看未来。如果你忘了活在当下的话,你会惊讶地发现,美好的时光是如此之快地与你擦身而过。

  8. Do what you enjoy. If you have wanted to learn something, or seek improving on a skill you already have, just go for it! Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you love, and if you really feel comfortable doing it, then don't hold back. As if you do, you are going to regret it later.