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  英 ['sɪstəm]     美 ['sɪstəm]




  用作名词 (n.)

  The drainage system has been aged.


  The magazine is produced using a desktop publishing system.


  They are introducing a very sophisticated system for delivering information.


  Excessive drinking does harm to the system.


  She just blames it all on the system.



  Megamalls and fast food restaurants line the highway system 公路系统沿线有大型商场和快餐店。

  The new system is still in the planning stages 新体系仍处于规划阶段。

  There is nothing sinister or conspiratorial about the export licensing system 这种出口许可制度没有任何阴险或者见不得人的东西。

  A special locking system means the door cannot be opened accidentally 特殊的锁定系统使门不会被意外打开。

  The volume of scheduled flights is straining the air traffic control system 定期航班的数量正让空中交通指挥系统不堪重负。

  They said the present system of military conscription should be phased out 他们说,当前的征兵体系应当逐步废除。

  There is a pressing need to modernise our electoral system 我们的选举制度迫切需要现代化。

  The regions are interconnected by an excellent highway system 那些地区通过完善的公路系统相互连接。

  These feelings are likely to make people attempt to overthrow the system 这些情绪有可能促使人们想要推翻现行的体制。

  They feel strongly that their religion is incompatible with the political system 他们强烈感受到他们的宗教信仰与政治体制不相称。

  Someone cranked up the volume of the public address system 有人调大了公共广播系统的音量。

  The problem is compounded by the medical system here 这儿的医疗体制使问题进一步恶化。

  At work, he was chained to a system of boring meetings 上班时,他淹没在枯燥乏味的会海中。

  The government is cynically running down Swe-den's welfare system 瑞典政府正自私自利地削减本国的福利。

  This works through the mediation of the central nervous system 这是通过中枢神经系统的调节作用实现的。

  Several of the delays were caused by the new high-tech baggage system 几次延误都是由新的高科技行李传送系统造成的。

  The BBC has just successfully demonstrated a new digital radio transmission system 英国广播公司刚刚成功地演示了一套新的数字无线电传输系统。

  Normally, the transportation system in Paris carries , passengers a day 正常情况下,巴黎的交通系统每天运送万乘客。

  These gases would seriously damage the patient's respiratory system 这些毒气会严重损害患者的呼吸系统。

  He was a champion for Latinos and blacks within the educational system 他一直致力于在教育系统内为美籍拉美人和黑人争取权益。