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  英语新闻稿范文:央行设金融科技委员会 谨防金融科技风险

  The People's Bank of China (PBOC), the country'scentral bank, announced last Monday that it has setup a fintech committee to enhance research,planning and coordination of work on financialtechnology.


  In order to make strategic plans and provide policyguidance on fintech development, the PBOC said itwill further study its influence on monetary policy,financial markets, financial stability, payment andclearing.


  "Fintech, or technology-driven financial innovation, has both injected vitality into financialdevelopment and brought new challenges to financial security," said the bank in a statementon its website.


  The central bank will devise a management mechanism for fintech innovation to handlerelations between security and development and guide the proper use of new technology in thefinancial field.


  The central bank will also increase the use of regulatory technology, or "regtech," to boost itscapabilities in identifying, preventing and dissolving financial risks, including both cross-sectorand cross-market risks, with technology such as big data, artificial intelligence and cloudcomputing, it said.



  More than seven percent of university studentssurveyed said that they have experiencedharassment from unidentified people on theircollege campuses.


  The survey, which polled 601 students from over100 Chinese universities, revealed that 7.58 percentof the respondents had experienced harassment,according to an article in last Monday's edition ofChina Youth Daily.


  Moreover, about 65.24 percent said they had heard of similar situations experienced by theirclassmates.


  However, the article quoted some students as saying that in many cases victims dare not todirectly confront their harassers and many felt ashamed to tell their families or teachers.


  Students surveyed also said that enhanced security is required on university campuses.


  A total of 58.81 percent of the students said their campuses allow members of the public toenter freely, while 81.38 percent said universities should take measures to control entry.


  英语新闻稿范文:三旬老汉詹皇 宝刀依旧未老

  "I know what I bring to the table. This league knowswhat I bring to the table." —LeBron James on notbeing named an MVP finalist


  We can make up for some deficiencies that we mayhave because we communicate, we fly around andwe sacrifice for one another. —King James


  "We got another level... We can get better." —LeBron James after 44-point win VS Cletics


  "I look at him like a regular guy. I have no fear of LeBron." —Jaylen Brown on Leborn James


  "He's better than (he was) when I got into the league. A lot better... I don't think he could getany better." —Brad Stevens


  "For the Lakers, they are pretty confident and have a great deal of belief that they're inposition to get Paul George in 2018 whether he stays in Indiana or he's traded elsewhere." —Wojnarowski


  With Paul George, Gordon Hayward left off All-NBA teams, Pacers and Jazz lose chance to re-sign them to 5-year, 207M dollars super-max contracts.


  Klay Thompson did't make a ALL NBA TEAM, are you kidding me right now, I'm with youDraymond Green, this is some Bs klay had 60 with 11 dribbles.


  Klay on not being on the All NBA team: "I didn't even know that, It's all right. No big deal." Keepon Keep in on Klay.


  While James took the high road on camera, he walked out of the arena with a small group ofCleveland beat writers who regularly cover the team and shared his frustration with theawards that have been revealed so far.


  He first wondered aloud who was the one voter who left him off their All-NBA first team ballot.He then lamented his MVP standing. "Fourth?" James said. "I haven't been fourth in a longtime."


  "Those guys had MVP seasons, and you've got to give the award to some different people everynow and then," Lue said. "I look at LeBron like Shaq; I think every year he's the MVP, and youcan give him the award every year if you wanted to. When guys have incredible seasons likeJames Harden did and Westbrook and Kawhi, then you kind of credit those guys and givethose guys the nod. But to me, I mean, LeBron is MVP, just like Shaq, you can give it to himevery year if you wanted to."