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  It has been 2 days since i didn't come here and write my is the totally holiday for the first time. i got so much fun.i went to meet a friend who i didnt know before.she is my college's girlfriend in the future.hehe.but unfortunately, when we get there,she wasn't there.we got a little depress .

  I'm recieved a lot of messages from many friends,I'm wanna say thanks to all of you and your supporting.because i am lazy, so sometimes i cant find the right time to read your diarys,and leave some message to show my support,hope you will not think me slefish.that's all today.thanks to all of you.

  my holiday英语作文50至60词篇2

  My holiday was good. I stayed at home for sometime. I went to Tianyi Square and bought same games. But one day, my monther, my younger brother and I went to Tianyi digital square to buy games. And I bought a new uniform in the evening. I'd like to have a glass of apple juice my monther bought it for me. I says, " Thanks a lot. " I bought some shoes. I want a pair of sports shoes. In the shop, the wonderful song added tour pleasure. I see the black shoes. my monther says, " There are beautiful !"

  I was happy that day, because I went to Tianyi Square and had a lot of fum.

  my holiday英语作文50至60词篇3

  It was a long holiday. I went to Hong Kong with my parents on May 1st. We went by train. We got to Hong Kong in the afternoon. We had a rest. On the 2nd, we went to Disney’s Land. On the 3rd, we went to a restaurant. We ate good food. It was yummy. On the 4th, I did my homework and read a book. On the 5th, we went to a zoo. We saw many animals. On the 6th, we went shopping. I bought many clothes. They were nice. I bought some gifts for my friends, too. On the 7th, we got back to Dongguan by bus. In the afternoon, we relaxed and prepared to go back to work or school.

  my holiday英语作文50至60词篇4

  Last summer, I went to Dalian for my holiday. This year I plan to spend my summer holiday on sports. If you ask me what my favorite summer holiday will be like, traveling around the world is the only answer. I like traveling so much that I often meet different people and visit different places of interest in my dream. I wish I could have two summer holidays in a year.

  my holiday英语作文50至60词篇5

  I had a happy summer holiday because I did many interesting things.

  I went to the beach and I swam in the sea.I called my friend and played with them.I visited my grandparents and ate much delicious food.

  Then I went to the zoo whit my sister.I was very happy.Because I saw a lot of animals.They were very lovely.So I took photos of all animals.I liked the butterflies best.They were colourful and beautiful.My sister liked it too.

  I had a wonderful summer holiday this year.What about you?Can you tell me somthing about it?


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